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Warranty Information

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*12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty Fully Supported in Australia


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*12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty Fully Supported in Australia



giving you

  • Confidence in the Quality
  • Assurance of Reliability
  • Peace of Mind

The Quality & Reliability of Yujin Robot Vacuum Cleaner models means the only regular maintenance required after one or two uses is emptying the dust bin, brush of the filters, comb any long hair or string out of the main brush.

Then every one or two months clean and remove any hair build up around the Main brush bearing and brush ends, (if you have someone with longer hair in the home this meay need to be done more often) and checking & cleaning around the base of the side brushes, and around the axle of the front wheel which is very easy to remove & replace .

If you wish to maintain the Anti-bacterial effectiveness you need to change the blue HEPA Filter every 2 to 6 weeks (depending on use).

If you are not worried about maintaining Anti-bacterial effect you can blow or suction off the filter to extend the time in between replacement. As this filter is also a fine particle filter it should never be discarded leaving no filter in place, and if the robot is used regularly the filter should be replaced after a maximum of 12 weeks.

The Main Brush can last well beyond the Warranty period. (depending on maintenace  and use)

Side Brushes may require replacement before 12 months but can also last longer depending on use.

The rubber bin blade may require replacement before 12 months but can also last longer depending on use & flooring circumstance. ( Raised metal strips or edges, coarse rugs or surfaces, commercial, nylon, or some other types of carpet may accelerate wear)

Parts List & Ordering - Anti-bacterial HEPA Filters & more.

Please always refer to the User's Guide before calling with a problem.

In the unlikely event there is a problem with your Yujin Robot Intelligent cleaning Robot that

you do need to make contact, just call or email our friendly staff for more details of our

Warranty claim procedure.

* Warranty Terms & Conditions

1) Warranty is Limited to the original purchaser (unless agreed to by arrangement with Alpha Robot Vacuum Store)

2) Warranty service is free of any charge, including during any bonus warranties added to iClebo 'Arte', 'Home' & 'Smart' models. Warranty is only available on a 'Return to base' basis (you pay for the cost of return to our service centre & return delivery to you once the product has been repaired) in cases of early life failures we will oten refund the shipping cost (we will provide the parts & labour of any repair within the Warranty period, including any bonus Warranty period.)

3) Replacement or Refund is only available in accordance with the manufacturer's conditions as outlined by the manufacturer on Page 20 of the 'Robot Cleaner User Manual' for each model. (User Manual download is available below the product images near the bottom of these pages iClebo Home & iClebo Smart or the details are available by email on request)

4) Warranty will be provided when established as necessary by Alpha Robot Vacuum Store only after the Purchaser makes contact and provides purchase details and details of the problem or cause of their concern. No warranty registration card is needed.

5) Warranty does include defects of consumables such as Brushes, Filters & Rubber blades but not normal wear and tear of Brushes, Filters & Rubber blades.

6) Battery is Limited to 6 months Warranty.

You have rights under Australian Consumer Law. We meet our obligations under Consumer laws in Australia, if the product has a defect or fails during the warranty period we will repair it under warranty. Warranty does not mean you can just demand a replacement or full refund at any time within the warranty period.

If you cause damage to the product through misuse or accidental damage, these are not covered under warranty.

Simply changing your mind or finding it has some issues in your Home (which can generally can be resolved quite easily) are not reasons to expect us to give you a full refund.


'Please note'

You should always do your research and realise that all Robot Vacuum cleaners do have some limitations and do require you to work with them both operationally and with maintenance. If you personally have a problem with either of our models be sure to let us know as soon as possible so we can do our very best to assist you.

For the manufacture's warranty and refund policy see the 'User Manual' for each model available in PDF.

iClebo Home User Manual here  iClebo Smart user manual here (Each are 20Mb & may take a few minutes to load )


If you are looking at other Robotic Vacuum cleaners always check what Warranty they offer in Australia as many have little or No warranty!

If you are thinking of purchasing from an overseas seller remember there will be a considerably large associated cost, and wait time included with any needed repairs or service. We are not obliged to repair iClebo models that have been purchased overseas.

Many Robot Vacuums sold on other Australian websites such as eBay will have No Warranty!

Customer Support: support@alpharobot.com.au


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