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Chosen by Miele to be sold as thier first Robot Vacuum! -  Miele Scout RX1

Helping to keep your floors clean and giving you back more time!


Vacuuming Cleaning is like laundry or dishwashing, it is a never ending task! So now just like your washing machine or dishwasher there is an answer, iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaners!

Now you can keep your floors cleaner by having iClebo do Vacuuming cleaning for you, even everyday if you want!

Dust can cause Allergies & Asthma! As well as giving Dust Mites a breeding ground! And who has time to push a Vacuum around everyday? Let an iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaner do it for you!

Simply pre-schedule what time & how long you want iClebo to Vacuum Clean everyday! Or even simpler just press the on board, or on Remote Start Button at anytime.

Saves you time! and keeps your Home Cleaner, without the Backache!

With more Powerful motors than most, more side brushes than Roombas, & better Lithium-ion Battery technology, even camera mapping!

High level Filtering which includes Anti-bacterial & HEPA filter.

All this combined with up to 2 years* Warranty puts iClebo Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaners well ahead of others!


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Quality Features show iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaners are a Great Choice 


You can choose your preferred Daily Vacuum Cleaning starting time, or start with one button at any time.


The Side Brushes combined with a very effective Main Brush and vacuum Suction ensure efficient Cleaning.

Clear & Easy to read

Large L.E.D. display makes settings clear.

Infrared Sensors to ensure Efficiency

Side Proximity obstacle Detection Sensors: Avoids collisions.                         

Bumper Touch Sensors: Recognise various obstacles.

The Combination of these Proximity & Bumper Touch Sensor help guide efficient movement.

Floor Detection Sensors: Recognise Stairs & drop-offs, avoiding falls.                  

Wheel Sensors: Stops operation when iClebo is lifted.

Automatic Docking & Charging  

Seeks out the Charging station automatically when the Battery gets low

Infrared Signal will Guide iClebo in.

The Latest in Battery Technology

Lithium-ion gives a longer life and no memory effect

Others Brands may use older Battery Technologies with shorter life & operating time.

Ultra Effective Filtering including HEPA & Anti-bacterial Filter

Making for a Healthier environment!


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Yujin Robot

Internationally renowned & respected Korean Robotics Company Yujin Robot were established in 1994, and since that have been continuously developing and manufacturing various kinds of Robot products for their customers, and they became the No. 1 Robot manufacturer in Korea, especially in the field of Robot Vacuum cleaners, now one of their best selling products in Korea and throughout the world


  * See warranty page fore details.

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