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This Robot Vacuum Cleaner will be replaced by Arte.

Sale price represents great value, as it is actually more expensive for us to buy than Arte.



            Smart vision





            self mapping




            preset text


              Effective main brush





            Smart modes 

Please note: Even though the vast majority users find no problem using 'Auto' and 'Climb' modes on Carpet, these modes are best suited to Hard Floor cleaning. Two reasons why, firstly because the systematic method Iclebo 'Smart' uses in these modes means it does a single pass over the floor as it moves across the area, (a little bit like how you would mow a lawn) this means it is not as efficient on carpet using these modes, and secondly, a small minority of carpets may have colour or textural patterns that may interfere with its mapping ability in these two modes. 

This is why the manufacturer has included 'Carpet' mode.


          Mop pad




            iClebo S   




 Very Effective 4 level Filtering means a Cleaner Healthy Home Environment



               Smart specs                 specs 




 Smart logo12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty - fully supported in Australia                       Made in Korea 

Please note: You may find one guy from Melbourne who has made a lot of fuss about the rubber blade on the bin supposedly wearing out in 3 days!

To those who might be inclined to let his bullying campaign effect their consideration.

If you consider we have sold a large number of these models & these machines have been sold worldwide, that the 'Smart' model is sold by Philips in Europe as the Philips 'Home Run' wouldn't you think there would be more than one guy from Melbourne making a lot of noise about this if it was truly a problem.



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 iclebo Smart user manual here  (20Mb May take a few minutes to load)                                       



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All Yujin Robot iClebo Models include:

Automatic Docking & Charging Station

Remote Controller (includes Batteries)

Lithium-ion Battery

Power Supply

Australian Power Cable

Cleaning Tool

Floor Wiping plate

2 Micro fibre pads

2 Extra Antibacterial Filters  (Other Filters are easily cleaned)

User manual  


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