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 A perfect partner to help in the home - iClebo Arte   

Vacuuming is like laundry or dishwashing, it’s a never ending task. So now just like your washing machine or dishwasher there is an answer, iClebo Arte!

Even though there are various home appliances, and chores may even sometimes be shared among family members, but often most of the housework is still largely done by one person in the home, and still even when they are also working a demanding job outside of the home.


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 iClebo Arte from Yujin Robot is equipped with all of the elements required –

Smart, the integration of superior technology, Cleaning efficiency, the main function required of a cleaning robot, Convenient, with ease of use, and Green, with consideration for the environment – iClebo Arte is the robot cleaner that is right for the domestic environment.


Actually, help with the task of vacuuming has been available for a number of years, iClebo has led the popularisation of robotic vacuums, particularly in Korea and also with popular support in Europe. Yujin Robot, with a line-up of iClebo’s since 2005 has the best technology in the area of robotics throughout the world, and presents various robots from toy robots to domestic robot vacuum cleaners, and even military robots. Yujin Robot have supplied their robotic cleaners to Philips, as theirs was the product of standout quality and performance. The robot cleaner optimised for various environments and is made by one of the best robot manufacturers in the world, it is iClebo Arte! The marking of MADE IN KOREA just adds to your confidence of reliability.


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 Easy to start or preset cleaning time with clear LCD display window

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On Sale - includes free delivery! Hurry ends Soon

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